International Students

Division of
Foreign Language Education

In the Division of Foreign Language Education, classes of various foreign languages are open to all Aichi Shukutoku University students, and “Language Study Consultation” regarding foreign language study is available. A "Conversation Practice Room" is a place where international students and Japanese students can meet for casual conversation. Also, language tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, HSK and Test of Proficiency in Korean are conducted on campus.

Classes Available to Students

Every student at Aichi Shukutoku University can choose from among the language classes below.

Language Self-Study Room

Language self-study rooms equipped with personal computers are always open for students wanting to improve their language skills. Students can use such software as ALC NetAcademy2 (English) and Chinese multimedia educational materials. You can practice speaking training by using the "soft recorder" in a special "Speaking Practice Booth".

  • Language Self-Study Room at Hoshigaoka Campus
  • Building No.5 -2nd floor
  • Personal computers (50 units)including 10 Speaking Practice Booths
  • Language Self-Study Room at Nagakute Campus
  • Building No. 9 - 1st floor
  • Personal Computers (53 units)Including 5 Speaking Practice Booths

Language Study Consultation

Language Study Consultation by designated teachers are available for effective language study. Students who need to improve their foreign language skills, whether beginner or advanced, are welcome to visit. Consultations are available for English, Chinese and Korean languages.

Conversation Practice Room

A Conversation Practice Room is available to students who wish to practice speaking English, Chinese and Korean, especially for students who usually do not have a chance to speak the language they are studying. In the Conversation Practice Room, you can enjoy talking with native speakers of English, Chinese and Korean over lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a great chance to have direct contact with “real” foreign language and to improve your speaking ability.


Language classes are mainly given in Building No.5 at the Hoshigaoka Campus and in Building No.9 at the Nagakute Campus. Every room is equipped with personal computers for use for language study.

Building No.5 at Hoshigaoka Campus

Classroom equipped with Mac OS 1 room
(32 personal computers)
Classroom equipped with Windows OS 8 rooms
(212 personal computers)
Class room equipped with simultaneous interpretation system 1 room
Large classroom 3 rooms
1 room with
a capacity of 350 people
2 rooms each with
a capacity of 160 people

Building No.9 at Nagakute Campus

Classroom equipped with Mac OS 1 room
(40 personal computers)
Classroom equipped with Windows OS 10 rooms
(320 personal computers)
Mini theater 1 room
Classroom for "Japanese Studies Program" students 3 rooms