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Message from Program Director

Mieko Abe
Mieko Abe
The Center for Japanese Language and Culture at Aichi Shukutoku University was founded in 1992 with a mission to provide students with knowledge of the Japanese language that can be used with confidence on various occasions and for various purposes. In order to pursue such a goal, we keep our classes to maximum of ten students. At CJLC no student is left behind as long as he or she is willing and eager to learn. Our teaching staff is always ready and enthusiastic to satisfy the needs of each student. We believe that language learning must be interesting and fun. We use all kinds of materials in classes besides regular textbooks. These come in the form of TV news, magazine articles, pictures, photographs, and dramas and movies. Our teaching methods go even beyond these teaching materials. We introduce creative elements into many class activities. In the intermediate and advanced classes, for example, activities such as public speaking, debating, copy-writing, story-making, and scenario-writing are a part of regular class activities. No student will leave CJLC without improvement. At the end of 9 months, each and every student will be more advanced as a student of Japanese than when he or she was admitted.
If you are interested in Japan and its culture, and if you are seriously considering studying the Japanese language, why don't you come to CJLC to experience classes you cannot experience elsewhere, and become a true "Japanese user" !