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Univevsity Dormitory(International House)

Exterior view of the iHouse

Students of the Japanese Studies Program at the Center for Japanese Language and Culture can reside at Aichi Shukutoku University’s International House (colloquially known as the “iHouse”). This three-story dormitory for international students was completed in fall 2013 on the Nagakute Campus. In addition to students of the Japanese Studies Program, it houses international students enrolled in the University’s undergraduate and graduate programs as well as Japanese Resident Assistants.
The first floor of the iHouse, which includes a cooking room, tatami room, tatami tea room, and seminar rooms and other training facilities, is used by students, instructors, and staff members. Residential rooms for international students are located on the second and third floors. Kitchens, living and dining rooms, the study room, mini-lounge areas, showers, restrooms, washrooms, and the laundry room are used jointly by international students. Since the iHouse has hall directors and offers support for international students in conjunction with the staff of the University’s Center for International Programs, students are able to focus on their studies with confidence and peace of mind.
The Nagakute Campus is conveniently located close to supermarkets, restaurants, clothing stores, and other businesses, and there is a bus stop at the University’s main gate. Students can get to downtown Nagoya in about 40 minutes by taking a bus from that stop to a nearby train station and then switching to the city’s subway.

Dormitory Rooms

All international student rooms are designed for single occupancy. There are 29 rooms on the second floor and 24 rooms on the third floor. Each room includes a bed, desk and chair, desk lamp, refrigerator, air conditioner, bookcase, wired Internet service, and curtains. Rooms are not equipped with showers, toilets, or sinks.

Room fees
Room Fee Deposit Room cleaning fee Maintenance and management fee Electricity charges
20,000 yen per month move-in:40,000 yen move-out:5,000 yen 5,000 yen per month usage


Common areas

Kitchens, living and dining rooms, the study room (third floor only), mini-lounge areas, showers, restrooms, washrooms, laundry rooms, and a vending machine (at the first-floor entrance) are used jointly by international students.

Dormitory entrance

Kitchens can be used by groups of four or five.
Living and dining rooms

Study room
Mini-lounge area (second floor)
Laundry room

Washers and dryers are available for student use free of charge.

Individual shower stalls are provided.