From speaking in English to communicating with it From speaking in English to communicating with itFrom speaking in English to communicating with it From speaking in English to communicating with it
-Deepening English skills-
Department of Comprehensive English

Department of Comprehensive English

What is required in today's international society is "English communication"
where you grasp the other person's intention,
convey our own thoughts, while both sides acknowledge the differences
between each other's countries and cultures.
To help you become a truly international person who is not satisfied with
just stringing words together and "speaking English",
but who acquires a higher level of English proficiency
and plays a leadership role in society....
The Department of Comprehensive English opens its doors in April, 2018.

Accelerated English language skills,sharpened international sensibilityAccelerated English language skills,sharpened international sensibility

The department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters, from its opening in 1975 right up to the present day, has provided a curriculum aimed at improving comprehensive English communication skills, and has offered an environment where learning takes place in a wide range of fields; not only literature but also English language studies, cross-cultural understanding, English education, and more.
While continuing with the department's policy as "a department for a comprehensive English education", with today's quickly globalizing society, we aim to respond to the needs of society by fostering professionals who have the advanced and practical English proficiency skills and sharp international sensibility to flourish in diverse international societies. For this reason, the department is being deepened in scope and renamed "The Department of Comprehensive English" from April 2018.

  • Practical English proficiency
  • International culture
  • Studying abroad
  • Skills that build careers

A free-choice curriculum which leads to four visions for the future A free-choice curriculum which leads to four visions for the future

The Department of Comprehensive English provides a free-combination curriculum that leads to the following four future visions (Courses that lead to the four future visions can be chosen freely).

  • English Education

    English teachers (junior high school/high school), early childhood English education practitioners, English conversation school teachers

  • Airlines / Tourism

    Flight crew, ground staff, hotel and tourism industry, etc. which involve hospitality services in English

  • Translation / Interpreting

    Simultaneous interpreting, literary translation, translation of children's literature / animation and manga, various translation work

  • International Career / Global Service

    Foreign companies, and departments handling international duties in various manufacturers / trading companies / financial institutions

Establishment overview

Minimum Duration of Studies
4 years
Opening date
April , 2018
Admission Quota
100 people
Aichi Shukutoku University Nagakute CampusAccess
Bachelor of Letters
Tuition Fees
The first year payment including the admission fee: 1,320,000yen

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