Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Letters

Fostering a rich humanity and <creative thinking> with a basis in <exploring human nature>, growing students to thrive in the workplace and in all other facets of society.

The basic principle of the Faculty of Letters at Aichi Shukutoku University is a universal theme that forms the basis for all academic pursuits - <exploring human nature>. Here we aim to have students carry on mankind’s shared knowledge and cultural assets, while obtaining the ability to perceive issues from a broad perspective and developing practical skills based on deep insight into human nature and society at large. The rich curriculum on offer also includes teaching programs that allow students to obtain licenses to teach in elementary, junior high, and high schools.

Department of
Japanese Language and

In pursuit of a broader, deeper understanding of the essence of literature, covering classical Japanese literature, modern and contemporary literature, the Japanese language, and Chinese literature.

Students learn Japanese literature in a systematic manner, with a focus on classical, modern and contemporary Japanese literature, the Japanese language, and Chinese literature, building a foundation for students as people living in an international society. Further, students gain cognitive abilities, discernment abilities, and a critical eye, and develop their intellectual thinking, sensitivity and creative thinking skills through continued research in specialist fields.

Department of
English Language and

Students develop their English communication skills and creative thinking abilities by broadly exploring English language and literature in stages.

Students improve their English communication skills which will prove useful in an international society, while studying the various cultures and literatures of the English-speaking world. This department, which dates back to the founding of the school, prides itself in a tradition of employing many native English teaching staff and thoroughly implementing a small-size classroom setup to have students learn “living English” to help them achieve an advanced level of English language education. We produce students with a high level of education and the English ability to help them flourish on the international stage.

Department of

Developing the next generation of teachers that can draw out a zest for living in children by developing their guidance and practical abilities, and nurturing a rich, well-rounded sense of humanity.

We have introduced subjects training students to become teachers in elementary schools and special needs schools, as well as training students as lifelong learning instructors in the aim of developing the next generation of teachers to open up a world of possibilities for children to come. Students gain instructional abilities and expertise as teachers, and through practical experience, grow a rich, well-rounded sense of humanity while developing a deep level of insight and a flexible mindset capable of drawing out the true abilities of each child.