Can I invite my family, friends or guests to iHouse?

Yes. It is permitted to let a visitor stay in your room from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. The visitor needs to register her/his name on a list.
Overnight stay is permitted only for your spouse, parents or siblings, and they may stay for a period no longer than nine (9) nights in a month.

Can I pay the rent with a credit card?

No. You must pay in cash or pay through the bank transfer to the university's bank account.

Is there Wi-Fi connection?

Yes. There's Wi-Fi connection in the shared area (living and dining room). In the private rooms, wired internet service is available.

Is a meal plan available?

No. You need to prepare your own meals in the shared kitchen on each floor. You can also utilize the university’s canteen and convenience store, or cafés and restaurants near the campus.

Do I need to bring my own linens?

A mattress and a bed sheet are furnished. However, you must bring or purchase pillow, comforter and towels.