Support for International Students

Resident Assistant and Buddy Programs:

ASU’s volunteer students serve as Resident Assistants and Buddies to offer support to international students settling down comfortably in Japan at international student dormitory called “iHouse”.

Resident Assistant (RA):

RAs are live-in students at iHouse to provide a positive on-campus living experience for the international students. They provide a sympathetic ear and practical advice for students who need help dealing with social, medical and personal problems.

  • RAs assist international students in their adjustment to a new environment and community.
  • RAs also host various events to interact with international students living in iHouse.

The Global Lounge:

Relaxing atmosphere and supportive Student Assistants provide ample opportunities for ASU’s local and international students to interact with each other.

The Global Lounge

ASU Buddy Program

We can partner you with ASU students as buddies to help you settle into university life during your study period at ASU.

  • A few ASU students per International Student
  • ASU students make sure you feel like at home and help you through the first steps of living in Japan.