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Information for International Students

Necessary documents for admission to ASU as an exchange student and to “iHouse” dormitory for international students can be downloaded from here.
Useful information on living and moving around in Japan are also available for your reference.

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Information on ASU and Surrounding Area for Prospective Exchange Students

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Exchange Program Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet 2024-2025

ASU Online Application

Applicants must use the Online Application System to apply for the programs listed below.

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Center for Japanese Language and Culture

We offer Japanese language courses according to students’ individual levels (6 levels from beginner to advanced), as well as Japanese culture courses, such as Kado (Art of flower arrangement), Shodo (Calligraphy), and Japanese Culture, that put emphasis on practical experience.

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Non-degree-seeking undergraduate courses

Exchange students from partner universities and institutions can choose to take courses taught in English or Japanese, based on their language proficiency.

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Double Degree Program

*Only between Aichi Shukutoku University and Tianjin Foreign Studies University

Students will study for 2 years at both universities, and thus, in the total of 4 years, will grant with bachelor’s degrees from both universities.

University Dormitory(iHouse)

Our Exchange students from overseas live in iHouse, the dormitory on Nagakute Campus.

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