Research Activities



  • 6/30 34th Regular Seminar: “Consider the mother-daughter relationship: Dominance disguised as love”
    Guest Speaker: NOBUTA, Sayoko
  • 11/21 Asian Health Institute (AHI) Lecture Tour: “Living as a Dalits: Listening to the voices of people who have been oppressed in Indian society”
    Guest Speaker: Murugan Kalirathnam
  • 12/1 35th Regular Seminar: “Who Promotes Women’s Participation in Society? - A talk about ‘Ways to Promote Women’s Participation,’ useful information for both men and women before they start job hunting”
    Guest Speaker: MINAGAWA, Masumi
  • 2018/1/26 11th Annual Symposium on Graduation Theses and Projects about Gender
  • 4/25,4/28,5/29,6/27,7/19,11/6,11/16,12/19,2018/1/25(9 times in total)
    Lunch Time Study Sessions (held on different themes like Gender issues expressed in theater, Social movement of sexual minorities, etc.).


  • 6/6, 6/7 32nd Regular Seminar: “Peace and feminism: From the myth of security to an ethics of care ‘to reconsider war and peace’”
    Guest Speaker: OKANO, Yayo
  • 8/11 Nijiiro Chirashizushi (Rainbow-colored unrolled sushi) #1.5
    A screening of the movie “The Case Against 8” and discussion session “LGBT issues in Japanese schools” (IGWS cosponsored the event sponsored by the Nijiiro Chirashizushi Production Committee)
  • 10/11 Asian Health Institute (AHI) Lecture Tour: “Efforts in the Sulu Islands, Philippines to protect people’s health on the Farthest Islands”
    Guest Speakers: Gaida Hunnoh Jainal, Emelyn Bahjin Jalani
  • 11/28, 11/29 33rd Regular Seminar: “Don’t deny your internal feminist self– An analysis of the movie ‘Frozen’”
    Guest Speaker: SAITO, Ayako
  • 2017/1/25 10th Annual Symposium on Graduation Theses and Projects about Gender
  • 5/30, 6/14, 7/7, 9/30, 10/13, 11/21, 12/14, 12/20, 2017/1/10 (9 times in total)
    Lunch Time Study Sessions (concerning different themes like martial arts, child rearing for men, etc.)


  • Fifth Lecture Series: To avoid heartache after falling in love.
    6/9: “The Actual state of DV and current status of victim support”
    Guest Speaker: KANI, Yasunori
    6/17: “How to avoid sexual harassment when in love.
    Guest Speaker: MUTA, Kazue
    7/1: “Victims' psychological state and way to recovery: Tips to work with to victims”
    Guest Speaker: TAKAYAMA, Naoko
  • 7/16, 7/28, 8/4, 9/29, 10/22, 11/17, 12/7, 2016/1/21 (8 times in total)
    Lunch Time Study Sessions (held on different themes like Gender education at universities, work/life balance, etc.).
  • 10/13 Asian Health Institute (AHI) Lecture Tour: “’My’ Peace Making”
    Guest Speaker: Zubaida Shamim Dewan
  • 11/20 31st Regular Seminar: “Can we overcome gender bias in sports?”
    Guest Speaker: MIZOGUCHI, Noriko
  • 12/12 Sho Arai’s Talk Show (IGWS cosponsored the event sponsored by the students’ association: Gender Studies group COALOOK)
  • 2016/1/15 9th Annual Symposium on Graduation Theses and Projects about Gender


  • 6/12 29th Regular Seminar: “Can a man protect a woman? - Why do you want to protect her?”
    Guest Speaker: SHIBUYA, Tomomi
  • 11/13 30th Regular Seminar: “Women in the United Nations and various countries”
    Guest Speaker: ARIMA, Makiko
  • 12/9 Asian Health Institute (AHI) Lecture Tour
  • 2015/1/19 8th Annual Symposium on Graduation Theses and Projects about Gender


  • 1/21 6th discussion meeting: “Graduation theses written from a gender perspective”
  • 6/5 27th Regular Seminar: “Women's language is made”
    Guest Speaker: NAKAMURA, Momoko
  • 8/31 & 9/1 The performance "Nijiiro Chirashizushi" (A Research Project)
  • 11/27 28th Regular Seminar: “The Relation between the Female Body and Wearing Male Clothing: An Analysis of Girl's Comics' Characters in Male Dress”
    Guest Speaker: OSHIYAMA, Michiko


  • 1/20 5th discussion meeting: “Graduation theses written from a gender perspective”
  • Lecture Series: Career/Labor and Gender
    6/14 “Women's Career Development"
    Guest Speaker: FUKUZAWA, Keiko
    6/20 “Be Fully Equipped When You Work - Things You Have to Think About Before Beginning Work”
    Guest Speaker: IDA, Hiroyuki
    6/28 “A Record of A Small Country Which Does Not Take Full Advantage of Women ― What Do We Need in Order to Work Happily?”
    Guest Speaker: TAKENOBU, Mieko
  • 11/21 26th Regular Seminar: “Do you know Article 24 of the Constitution of Japan? ― Cornerstone of gender equality and non-violence”
    Guest Speaker: NAKASATOMI, Hiroshi


  • 1/21 4th discussion meeting: “Graduation theses written from a gender perspective”
  • 6/13 & 6/15 24th Regular Seminar: “’Date DV and Love ― Tips for a Good Relationship”
    Guest Speaker: IDA, Hiroyuki
  • 11/24 25th Regular Seminar: “Viewing Korean Dramas from a Gender Perspective"
    Guest Speaker: YAMASHITA, Yeongae


  • 1/27 3rd discussion meeting: “Graduation theses written from a gender perspective”
  • Lecture Series: Performing Gender ― in clothes, music and speech 6/5 “Is This the Age of "Kawaii Men?"
    Guest Speaker: Koga, Reiko
    6/12 “Rock Music and the Gender ? Regarding Gender Deviation”
    Guest Speaker: INOUE, Takako
    6/19 “The Words of O-nee Characters (Big Sister Characters )― their Words and Gender Sexuality in J-TV”
    Guest Speaker: MAREE, Clare
  • 10/11 23rd Regular Seminar: “Childcare and housework: are they really fun? When men and women are tested”
    Guest Speaker: OKAZAKI, Masaru


  • 1/28 2nd discussion meeting: “Graduation theses written from a gender perspective”
  • 6/8 & 6/18 21st Regular Seminar: “’Genderized’ Nature ― Studies on Natural History of the 18th century”
    Guest Speaker: OGAWA, Mariko
  • 10/23 22nd Regular Seminar: “’Gender in Girls' Comics ―How are the cross-dressing girls drawn?”
    Guest Speaker: OSHIYAMA, Michiko


  • 1/29 1st discussion meeting: “Graduation theses written from a gender perspective”
  • Lecture Series: Psychology and Gender
    6/18“Women and men: the working of their brains”
    Guest Speaker: YOSHIZAKI, Kazuhito
    7/2 “The Development of Sociality and Gender Gap: Why do Girls like dolls, and Boys Miniature cars?”
    Guest Speaker: GOSHIKI, Toru
    7/16“The Conflict and Development surrounding Identity and Gender in young people and adolescence”
    Guest Speaker: YONEKURA, Goro
  • 6/27 Report on the Lecture by Donald E. Hall: “Travel Abroad and Expanded Understanding: James Baldwin's Loveless American in Paris”
    Guest Speaker: Donald E. Hall
  • 10/30 20th Regular Seminar: “Love and Violence: the relationship between power and cotrol in date DV”
    Guest Speaker: GU, Yuri


  • 7/9 & 7/10 17th Regular Seminar: “The Various Ways of Life and Lives: The goal of the Gender Equal Society”
    Guest Speaker: NAKAMURA, Akira
  • 9/20 18th Regular Seminar: “Career Design and Gender”
    Guest Speaker: MUNAKATA, Hisako
  • 10/24 19th Regular Seminar: “If I were you...,: What I think during daily interviews”
    Guest Speaker: OHWAKI, Michiko


  • 11/8 & 11/30 16th Regular Seminar: “Realities of DV and Support Services for the Victims”
    Guest Speaker: KANI, Yasunori
  • 7/7 & 7/14 15th Regular Seminar: “Light and Darkness of Japanese Gender in Hayao Miyazaki Animation”
    Guest Speaker: FUJIMORI, Kayoko


  • 12/15 & 12/16 14th Regular Seminar: “Self Esteem Training” “Women’s Self-defense”
  • 7/12 10th Anniversary Lecture and a Documentary Film: “Obachan’s Garden”
    Guest Speaker: Linda Ohama (Film Director)


  • 12/2 & 12/16 13th Regular Seminar: “Diversity of Sexuality”
    Guest Speaker: HIDAKA, Yasuharu
  • A Lecture Series on Representation of Gender
    6/5 “Reading British Children’s Literature in terms of Gender: Peter Pan and the Collapse of Modern Family”
    Guest Speaker: KAWABATA, Ariko
    5/24 “Souseki Natsume and Family Novelists: the Origin of Gender Formation in Modern Japan”
    Guest Speaker: FUJIMORI, Kiyoshi
    4/24 “100 Years of Women’s Poems since the Russo-Japanese War: Yosano Akiko as Starting Point”
    Guest Speaker: NAKASHIMA, Miyuki


  • 12/22 Workshop: “Media and Gender”
  • 10/17 12th Regular Seminar: “Problems and Solutions for a Gender-Equal Society”
    Guest Speaker: HASHIMOTO, Hiroko
  • 7/4 11th Regular Seminar: “’Survival Seminar’ for Job Hunting”
    Guest Speaker: FUKUSAWA, Keiko


  • 12/7 Symposium: “Representation of Sexuality, Nationality and Race in Films”
    Guest Speaker: IWATA, Kazuo, UDONO, Erika, SOTOOKA, Naomi
  • 6/28 11th Research Meeting: “Hemingway’s Gender Training”
    Guest Speaker: TAKEDA, Yuichi
  • Theme: Affiermative Action for womens' equal employment opportunities
    Main Guest Speaker : NAKANO, Mami
    2/9 Symposium Efforts for Gender Equity in the Labour Market
    1/10 10th Research Meeting The multiple cultural communications of feminism, in Asia and the Pacific region


  • 12/5 9th Research Meeting Case study: New deveropments on gender in Philippines
  • 11/30 Mongolian of Special Report Newest Report, at Gender in Mongolia
  • 11/5 8th Research Meeting Comporing Gender participation in Japan and America
  • 3/31 International Symposium How to Eliminate VAW
  • 2/27 Special Seminer Updated information on intervention to stop VAW

In Canada, men's movement against VAW (Violence Against Women) called "White Ribbon Campaign" started in 1992, and is spreading throughout the world. Our Institute invited the originator of the movement, Dr. Michael Kaufman, and held a lecture and a symposium on March 31st, 2001. Although VAW has been winning public recognition as a social problem, only a small number of people are aware of the problem. At UN Special Session in June last year, Dr. Michael Kaufman made a proposal concerning what men could do against VAW. We hope that his lecture will be a good chance for men in this university to know how to face this problem seriously.


  • 12/18 International Symposium Violence against women (VAW)
  • 12/1 7th Research Meeting Foreign Labor and Community
  • 7/4 Report UN special women's conference
  • 4/25 Special Seminner Sports and Gender
  • 4/24 Lecture Residential Space and Gender
  • 1/10 6th Research Meeting Genetic Information and Gender

On December 18th, an international symposium "violence against women"was held, which was sponsored by Institute for Gender and Women's Studies and supported by Will Aichi and the City of Nagoya. As panelists, Ms.Young-Ae Choi (Director; The Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center) and Mr. Niwat Suwanphatnna(AIDS Network Development Foundation, Thailand) were invited. The panelists reported the present situation and the problems of violence against women, and discussed the education and learning methods, how to solve these problems until late at night in the presentation room at Building No.8. The following is a summary of this symposium.

Six years have passed since Aichi Shukutoku University became coeducational. Now the University has launched a new development including the establishment of new faculties. This year, 2000, Building No.8 was built, and the new Urban Environmental Design Course has started within the Faculty of Studies on Contemporary Society, which enables the education on architectural & environmental design and on habitation area. A novel design of the new building reflects these major fields.

January 6th Research Meeting Preceding that lecture, a report on "gene information and gender"was given by Professor HOOTA, Yasuo (Faculty of Letters, Aichi-Shukutoku University) at the sixth regular study meeting of Institute for Gender and Women's Studies on January 17th. He had taught molecular biology and genetic engineering at University of California for many years.

April Lecture
The new Bilding No.8 was opened on April 24th with a lecture on "residential space and gender" by Professor TANAKA, Tsuneko (Osaka Kyouiku University).Assistant Professor ATSUMI, Masako (Aichi Shukutoku University)presided and commented on the lecture. The event ended successfully, with winety participants.

April Special Seminar
Theme: "Sports & Gender"Lecturer: Prof. Jennifer Hargreaves (Brunnell UniversityU.K.)


  • October Research Meeting
    Theme: "Psychology of Fathers"Reporter: Prof.KASHIWAGI, Emiko (Shirayuri Women's UniversitySpecialist in Developmental Psychology)Survey of University Student's Attitudes on Child-rearing (Morgau ; Aichi-Shukutoku University Male/Female Research Group
  • June Special Seminar
    Theme: American Feminist Sociology: Current Trends and Issues for FeminismReporter: Prof. Barry Thorne (University of California, Berkeley, Specialist in Feminism & Sociology)


  • November 4th Research Meeting
    Research Report Theme: "Modern Youth's Attitudes towards Marriage"Reporter: ITAMOTO, Yoko (Director of the Japan Youth Counselling Institute)Survey of Modern Youth Attitudes to Marriage (MORGAU of Aichi-Shukutoku University Male/Female Research Group)
  • June 3rd Research Meeting
    ResearchReportTheme:”Sexual Harassment on Campus in Australia and Japan "Reporter;Barbara Struthered(Aichi-Shukutoku University Instructor, researcher & developer of anti-sexual harassment program;completed MA in Feminist Studies at Flinders University, South Australia.INOUE, Mayako (Women's Counselling Kyoto, Counsellor of former Kyoto University Professor in Yano case)
  • February 2nd Research Meeting
    "Feminism and Cultural and Expression of Social Differences- Clues from IslamReporter: OKA, Mari (Aichi-Shukutoku University part-time instructor, Researcher of Arab Culture)
  • January Symposium & Keynote Lecture
    The changing Equal Employment Opportunity Law -New Women's Work StyleKeynote Speaker: SHIBAYAMA, Emiko (former Nagoya City Junior College Professor, Managing Director of Nagoya Working Women's CenterSymposium Panelists: Akemi Kitamura (attorney), Emiko Shibayama, Mina Osugi (company employee)Coordinator: ISHIDA, Yoshie


  • July 1st Research Meeting
    Report 1 History of Japanese Female Immigration from a Gender Perspective-Photographs Brides from JapanReporter: YANAGISAWA, Kimi(completed MA at Aichi-Shukutoku University, Post-graduate student at Aichi-Gakuin University)Report 2: The State of American Social Welfare from a Gender PerspectiveReporter: SUGIMOTO, Kiyoe (Instructor at Kinjo Gakuin University)
  • February Lecture & Symposium
    Seminar on Ways of Achieving Joint Participation of Young Men & Women - sponsored by the Ministry of EducationWhy don't female students get jobs?Japanese Corporations' Gender Composition & the Path to ChangeWays of Achieving Joint Participation of Young Men & Womenthe Path to Female Employment and Male LifestyleKeynote Lecturer: OSAWA, Mari (Tokyo University, Assistant Professor in Research Institute on Social Science)Panelist:OSAWA, Mari, UMEMURA, Chikako, (Chief of Project Officer, National Women's Education Center), male & female youth participantCoordinator:KUNINOBU, Junko


  • December
    Ministry of Education sponsored Seminar for Joint Participation of Men and Women
    Roles in the Development of Young Men & Women from a Gender PerspectiveWorkshop Leader: KAWAHARA, Hiromi (Director of Asia Health Institute, M.D.), Rumana Nahidobahan (attorney, Bangladesh), MOTOYAMA, Eiko (Group WEAVE, UNESCO Asian Culture Centre staff
  • September
    Open Intensive Course
    Ministry of Education sponsored Seminar for Joint Participation of Men and Women
    Towards Liberation from the Myth of Male & Female Stereotypes
    1. Visual Expressions of Men & Women Film & Video Equality in ImagesInstructor: TAGAMI, Tokiko (Video Producer, President of VideoDoc)
    2. Group Work
    3. Lecture: What is Gender? (Socially & Culturally) - Towards Elimination of Sexual Discrimination Instructor: KUNINOBU, Junko
    4. Role Playing: Creation of Sexual Equality - Mutual Gender Respect and ExpressionLeader: KATO, Itoko and WATANABE, Hiromi (Feminist Counselling Network, Counsellor)
    5. Video Watching & DiscussionGender Discrimination in TV commercials, Results of student survey
    6. Lecture: Housework: why is it unpaid labour?Lecturer: IIDA, Hiroyuki (Instructor, Osaka University of Economics)
    7. Panel Discussion: Women's Social and Economic Independence/Male House keeping Role
      Panelist: Sawako Nakanishi (Lifelong Learning Department, Aichi Prefectural Education Committee) TODA, Fumiko (Sugiyama Women's High School Teacher) TSUKAMOTO, Maiko (Aichi-Shukutoku University student), HARUYAMA, Masaru (Toyo University Graduate Student, Tokyo Metropolitan Government worker)
      Coordinator:KUNINOBU, Junko
  • May Special Seminar
    Advertising & Commercials from a Gender Perspective Observing Visual Art) Instructor: FUKUSAWA, Junko (part-time instructor, Jyosai International University) NISHIYAMA, Chieko (Instructor, Mejiro Gakuen Women's Junior College)


  • 15 December Report Meeting
    -Information Exchange Meeting; Materials/Video Display
    The 4th UN Beijing World Conference on Women's Information Exchange Meeting; Materials/Video Display
    Main Speaker: MATSUI, Yayori (Asia Women's Resource Centre Representative)Panelist: SUGITO, Hiroko (Network), TAKAHASHI, Masumi (WIN Women's Planning Representative), ONO, Mitsuko Professor, Department of Literature, Aichi-Shukutoku University,
    Coordinator: KUNINOBU, Junko
  • January
    World Movement towards the UN Conference on Women in Beijing (1995)
    -Development and Women
    Women around the world are preparing for the Fourth United Nations Conference on Women's to be held in the summer of 1995 in Beijing.. For the next ten years the eradication of sexual discrimination and the elevation of the position of women will be considered at this conference in Beijing. The proposal for an action network has been interpreted and "the role of women in development" has been identified as of great importance. That is, it is necessary to include women in the process of determining a course of development. This is because, it is necessary to evaluate the value of women's work and unpaid work. Although such work supports everyday life, women and girls in developing countries cannot earn money to sustain themselves. Furthermore, Japanese women will report on the present situation of sexual discrimination in the Japanese workplace. Japanese working women are paid is half that of men, which represents the greatest wage disparity between men and women in the developed world.