Message from Program Director

In the age of the internet, it is possible for all around the world, regardless of where they are located, to have access to the same information. There are many who are able to enjoy, for example, Japanese animation or play Japanese games, to have similar hobbies that allow them to connect with those near and far. Some may wonder the value of studying Japanese in Japan.
At the Center for Japanese Language and Culture we offer courses with small classes where students can receive individualized attention. Our courses use a wide range of resources such as newspapers, novels, films, and television programs and tackle language from multiple perspectives so that students can develop not only their language ability, but the ability to think critically and to be expressive in Japanese. These courses are not only designed to engage but also to show the diverse range of the Japanese language. The courses strive to provide the students with essential communication tools so that they may not only tackle a diverse range of situations, but find their voice in Japanese.
It may be possible to gain knowledge of Japan through the miracles of modern technology, yet only through study abroad here in Japan can you truly have a rich learning experience and share such experiences with others. Let us start your learning journey together, here at CJLC.

Hiroko Yamamoto