About Aichi Shukutoku University


University PhilosophyExperience
a world of

Three themes for realizing this goal

Rooted in the region and open to the world

Aichi Shukutoku University has been conducting volunteering activities, internships and various other activities in order to learn with people from the regional community and work together with them. In addition to this, the university has also opened itself to the world, enthusiastically conducting international communication activities, including signing exchange agreements with many foreign universities, and actively welcoming international students. The university would like to utilize this privileged environment and learn along with people from the region and the world so as to forge its own strength to live on.

Sturdiness and tenderness

Aichi Shukutoku University focuses on educating students on living with others and teaching them the "sturdiness" and "tenderness" to live independently as individuals in the society. While cultivating the strength to independently pave their lives through their daily study and various experiences, students raise their consciousness for living in terms of respecting others and taking pride in themselves. This educational philosophy has been inherited by all the general compulsory courses and basic courses, and we hope that this can be used as an opportunity for every student, as well as society at large, to find what they should be.

Useful tools and constants

The curriculum of the Aichi Shukutoku University has been organized in two pillars, including the practical skills useful in various fields in wider society, and the invariable universal strengths needed no matter how times change. Through the dynamic integration of professional education and general education, all the students can cultivate their skills for recognizing and solving problems, and communication, etc. while obtaining the necessary qualifications, skills, language skills, etc. to achieve their own goals.

Providing an educational system
consisting of a diverse curriculum,
and further increasing
possibilities for the future.

Overview of students' learning

Students have various hopes toward what they learn, such as "learning about interesting things", "mastering skills useful in wider society", etc. Aichi Shukutoku University has prepared different courses and systems including a general education as well as a specialty education to cope with their different wishes; and the university also formed a flexible education system that can customize learning contents according to each student's goal. This synergy of a general education, a specialty education, as well as basic courses, can enrich the identities of students and greatly widen the opportunities available to them in the future.


Students can pursue avenues of learning
that interest them beyond the borders of faculties and departments.

Students can utilize the advantages offered by Aichi Shukutoku University as a comprehensive university for study, improving their level of expertise beyond their faculty specialties based on their interests. In order to respond to the relentless curiosity of students, we have started offering "open courses of other departments or faculties" that go beyond traditional faculty borders, while a "multiple specialties system" and a "multiple inception system" have also been prepared. In addition, there is also a unique education system on offer called the "Hoshigaoka Campus Model," which enables students to learn courses that straddle the border between the culture communication department and the business department using Hoshigaoka as a base. All these programs are conducted to boost students' motivation for learning.


Spreading the field of learning from the region to the world
and extending the autonomy of students.

Study activities outside the university have also been conducted, including department courses, seminar studies, and general education practical experience subjects, such as volunteer activities, carried out together with the local community, internship training in companies, and studying abroad in other countries, etc. While utilizing the knowledge and skills learned at university in wider society and seeking new study themes in society, students continue to develop their ability to act and learn independently.


Students can acquire various skills useful in the real world,
depending on individual needs.

Students can study skills actually useful in wider society from general education, including language abilities such as English, Chinese, Korean, etc., computer skills, accounting and so on, and there are also many courses compatible with various qualifications, such as teaching qualifications. Students can take courses based on the skills and abilities they wish to improve, making it possible to effectively develop the skills and abilities required by the industries and types of occupations they wish to pursue.


Developing human resources who can understand the philosophy of the university
and live vigorous lives.

Courses that cover the university’s philosophy of "experiencing a world of differences", and "life design" getting students to discover what their calling is, as well as "Japanese expression" classes about the correct use of Japanese as required in larger society will be presented in the first year. We would like to further improve students’ desire to participate in various activities and for learning, while molding them as human resources that can proactively move forward.