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Faculty of Human Informatics

Students develop an understanding of, and observe “human,” “information,” and “computer” characteristics, and obtain the ability to think and make sharp judgments within an information society framework.

The Faculty of Human Informatics is involved in developing students’ abilities to anticipate where an ever-changing human society is heading in the future, make use of various information resources effectively, and contribute to the creation of a human-friendly information society. The curriculum is scheduled to change from April 2016, introducing a structure featuring three special courses, a “Special Course in Human Analysis Series (Psychology Series),” a “Special Course in Content Design Series (Human Dynamics Series),” and a “Special Course in Resource Management Series (Library and Information Science Series).” By observing “human,” “information,” and “computer” characteristics in a scientific manner, students will obtain the abilities needed to accurately ascertain user needs, and to develop solutions and create systems based on this understanding.

Department of
Human Informatics

The “Human Dynamics Series,” “Psychology Series,” and “Library and Information Science” special courses provide a scientific, logical, and empirical look at information society.

After providing a basis in “human understanding,” “information use,” and “manufacturing,” the department splits into three areas of specialty for students to pursue studies in these more specialized areas. The department also aims to have students acquire further specialized knowledge and qualifications through the “distinctive educational programs” and “qualification acquisition programs” unique to each specialty area. The knowledge and skills that students acquire over their four years here can be applied to all industries in wider society.