Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Global Communication

Developing students who are “global citizens,” able to bridge gaps between people, regions, and the world.

The Faculty of Global Communication cultivates “global citizens” set with the skills required in an ever-changing international society, namely a broad-reaching education and understanding of different cultures, an advanced level of English communication abilities for communicating their opinions with people from all over the world, and the ability to think in English and act alongside people in the global community.

Department of Global Communication

Providing an “AS Values” set of values gained through a deep knowledge of Japanese culture and the cultures of the world, and by brushing up on one’s practical English abilities! “AS Values” refers to the set of values that students obtain by taking the specialist education courses provided by the Department of Global Communication. We develop students as “Global Citizens” that are able to think in English and act in conjunction with people from all over the world through three lines of study – “Academics,” “Skills,” and “Values” – and by providing an “All English” learning environment.

Learn about Japanese culture and the cultures of the world!

Students gain an understanding of both Japanese culture and customs, and other cultures and customs, and acquire the knowledge necessary to communicate with other people around the world.

Develop your practical English abilities!

Students obtain the practical English skills, English communication abilities, and problem discovery and resolution skills required to respond to any situation they may find themselves in in global society.

All students study abroad!

Students come into direct contact with overseas environments, and develop their ability to think and act in English through practical learning.

The Department of Global Communication has an “All English” policy, and all subjects taught within the faculty are conducted in English. Students are able to gain the ability to think on the English that is being said in English, and to communicate themselves in English when Japanese is not used in the classroom environment.