Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Business

Preparing students as grounded business people able to open up their own paths to success in wider society.

The structure of the Faculty of Business is undergoing a renewal in 2016 in the aim of better preparing students as “grounded business people” armed with both the business expertise and the abilities sought after in a corporate environment to make for immediately effective assets in wider society right after graduation. Three majors have been prepared – “Business Innovation,” “Business Accounting,” and “Global Business” – to aid students in thinking on the type of role they would like to play in society in the future, and to respond to the diverse range of ambitions students have for their own future. One of our overriding goals is the cultivation of true global talent, able to freely draw upon their information skills, and accounting and foreign language abilities to play an active part on the global stage.

Department of

Three majors deriving from curriculum content targeted more at the “individual.” Preparing business persons as immediately effective business assets complete with higher expertise in the field of “study,” and the knowledge, analytical capabilities, and dynamism to match.

In addition to clusters (subject groups) focusing on “marketing and strategy,” “accounting,” the “global economy” and other subjects where students develop a high level of expertise, the curriculum on offer is also based around “work studies” where students learn about the various working environments they could find themselves in after graduating. To further clarify the axes of learning on offer, the department offers three majors based around the fields of specialization they delve into. Of the 124 credits required to graduate, 90 of these credits must be obtained through studies within these majors. By setting a program that focuses on cultivating students’ “ability to act” in all three majors, we develop students as “human resources that can think and act on their own,” a general skill that is heavily sought after in wider society. We “guarantee the quality” of our graduating students with the inclusion of an “Applied Development Program,” which requires that students achieve Level 2 in the Official Business Skill Test in Book-keeping, 320 points or more in the BATIC examination, pass the Information Technology Passport Examination, or obtain 550 points in a TOEIC test.