Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Global Culture and

Accepting diverse values that transcend nationality and culture.
We cultivate individuals capable of contributing to multicultural coexistence.

The Department of Global Culture and Communication has two majors: Language Studies and Multicultural and Tourism Studies. The latter is divided into a Multicultural Studies course and a Tourism Studies course from the second year. At the same time, all students select major programs and seminars offered in each of the majors starting in the second year, to delve further into their chosen field of specialism. Students may also go beyond their major field to choose from a diverse array of subjects offering a cross-sectional perspective, such as languages, according to their own personal interests.

Department of Global Culture and Communication,
Major of Language Studies

This major consists of four major programs. Three offer the chance to gain skills in the English, Chinese and North and South Korean languages and learn about the respective cultures. The fourth is Japanese Language Education, which has been developed in response to the need for highly adaptable Japanese language teachers with a wealth of knowledge. In addition to providing a deeper understanding of other cultures, this major cultivates practical language usage skills.

Department of Global Culture and Communication,
Major of Multicultural and Tourism Studies

Examining various phenomena occurring in modern society from a multitude of perspectives, this major enhances practical skills and the ability to get things done, thereby ensuring that students will be able to contribute to social development.

International exchange course

Through cross-cultural exchange, we will cultivate a broad perspective and flexible thinking ability, and acquire practical ability to contribute to the development of the local and international communities.

Sightseeing course

Through interaction with people, we will learn about society, culture and nature, and cultivate the ability to contribute to the development of tourism.