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Faculty of Global Culture and

Through exchanges, students gain a greater understanding of the local region and the world at large, and contribute to a state in which diverse cultures can thrive side by side.

The Faculty of Global Culture and Communication strives to provide a new type of university education, one that introduces interdisciplinary learning that straddles multiple fields, while also thoroughly implementing an advanced level of education that develops students’ level of specialty knowledge in courses that interest them the most. Embodying the university’s philosophy of “living with diversity,” the faculty introduces opportunities for exchange between people with a range of different cultural backgrounds, Japanese and from abroad, in order to cultivate human resources that can proactively contribute to the development of a society founded on mutual understanding and respect.
The forms of “cultural exchange” taught that contributes to various cultures thriving side by side are split into various specialist fields. The Faculty of Global Culture and Communication has set a study guideline that covers “10 major programs” in three main fields, “language education,” “intercultural communication education,” and “tourism,” prompting students to choose classes based on the course of study that interests them the most from a broad range of “core subjects,” “practical subjects,” and “skill-based subjects.” The focus on practical learning – from field studies to overseas research – in each field enables students to gain a deeper insight into what they learn in the classroom.

Department of Global Culture and Communication

Providing students with specialist knowledge in language, exchange, and tourism so that they can contribute to various cultures thriving side by side.

With a “10-major program” providing students with the opportunity to select classes based on their interests and goals from three fields of specialty – “language,” “exchange,” and “tourism” – this department offers a diverse range of subjects where students can obtain a broad understanding of “cultural exchange” while specializing in specific fields. We also provide various opportunities for practical study, from overseas research, to field studies and case studies. Students are able to utilize the rich international outlook and language skills they acquire in this learning environment in various endeavors both in Japan and abroad.