Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Creation and

Developing students to enrich their local communities and wider society by showcasing their creative and expressive abilities through pursuits in language, media, architecture and interior design.

The Media Theories and Production has students learn about a wide range of fields of expression covering “language,” “media,” and “architecture and interior design,” and the various means of expressing such, in an aim to have them develop the ability to apply their rich self-expression and information transmission skills to resolve various problems facing society in an appropriate manner. In order to achieve this, students need the “ability to express themselves,” “creative thinking skills,” and “communication skills,” in addition to the academic knowledge and skills taught. This faculty helps students improve their skills in these areas, and helps them develop their ability to communicate information.

Department of Creation and Representation

Three specialty areas provide an advanced level of education, developing creative students that can perform rich forms of self-expression.

This Department consists of the “Creative Communication Specialization,” which deals with language and literature, the “Media Communication Specialization,” which covers various forms of media, and the “Urban Environmental Design Specialization,” which looks at architectural objects and interiors. While cultivating a better understanding of each field, by completing the range of common faculty subjects and other specialty subjects, students develop a high level of expertise and a flexible, diverse mode of thinking, in addition to the creative skills, advanced education and practical skills called for by the times, leading them to form the ideal leaders for a new society.

Creative Communication Specialization

Teaching modes of creative expression based on language media, using novels, essays, poems, children’s stories, comics and scripts as examples.

Using a basis in language media, students develop the knowledge and expressive techniques related to creative expression, such as an ability to express themselves in prose, creative skills and composition skills. These skills will serve them well in any creative endeavor, as novelists, poets, songwriters, editors, writers, and as creators of animated shows and comics.

Media Communication Specialization

Teaching modes of media and communicative expression based on visual media, using broadcast productions, films, the Internet, and CG as examples.

Students study how to capture the needs of the times and modes of expression using various media, and develop the planning, conceptual and presentation skills needed in a media-based society. After graduating, students will have the skills necessary to work in the media and content industry, broadcasting industry, cultural industries, in administration and at teaching institutions, and at NPOs.

Architecture and Interior Design Specialization

Teaching housing, interior and architectural design, urban planning and development, and the social roles and planning methods for such, with a basis in spatial creation media.

Specializing in the spatial creation media tools used to create buildings and urban environments, students acquire an extensive knowledge of architecture, along with practical skills in interior design and in the use of CAD. Students have a wide range of options available to them upon graduation, such as pursuing class-1 architect qualifications and working in housing, architecture and urban development.